This is the reason for delays BlackBerry BBM on Android and iOS

The presence of BlackBerry Messenger or BBM on Android and iOS platforms have waited a lot of people . But after that date finally announced the BlackBerry postpone the application. Now the BlackBerry also revealed the reason , one of them due to the invasion of BBM for Android app is unofficial .

As explained Andrew Bocking , Head of BBM in BlackBerry , last week BBM for Android app to spread rapidly in various file sharing sites . Only, it’s not BBM for Android that have been officially released BlackBerry .

” We are worried BBM app for Android that ‘s not going to cause issues official ( masalah-red. ) , ” said Bocking , in his statement on the official BlackBerry blog .

Therefore , the volume of traffic that was brought from BBM for Android app is unofficial somewhat unusually large . But this is not something that indicated normal and BlackBerry’s impact on the system .

As a result, the issue affects the BlackBerry plan that wants to launch BBM for Android is officially on Sept. 21 . But eventually as is known , the plan is not so done .

” We continue to try to deal with the problems caused by the unofficial version of BBM all day Saturday , but the active users of the application is approaching 1 million and continues to grow , ” said Bocking .

Until finally , it was decided one way to be taken to deal with the technical issues are delaying the launch of BBM weeks to Android and iOS . Most previous Android user is has anyone managed to install BBM for Android APK from various file sharing sites .

But it is not the official version released BlackBerry . Until finally , this version also causes chaos in the fuel system . As for iOS users , on Sunday early morning yesterday , the application of fuel also briefly appeared in the App Store . Soon, however , the application was re-drawn on technical considerations .

Crutchlow Up Desk Operations Last November

Yamaha Tech3 rider, Cal Crutchlow, declared that he would immediately increase the operating table to maximize healing arm injury he suffered at this time. The British rider will undergo surgery in late November, after the last series MotoGP in Valencia.

Crutchlow suffered a severe injury to his right arm due to falls in the British Grand Prix free practice session a few weeks ago. As a result of the accident, 27-year-old rider arm was swollen twice the size of the original.

Although it has been shrinking and performed at Misano GP, Crutchlow arm still needs special attention because there is fluid buildup in his right arm.

The plan, the operation will be performed after the trial he made ​​his debut with his new team next season, Ducati. According to the schedule, the operation will take place in late November.

It’s a little bit swollen but not overly bother me on the bike. Nevertheless, I still have to undergo surgery to overcome the obstruction that makes fluid in my arm could not get out,” said Crutchlow told MCN.

Strict Diet Can Cause Asthma

Crash dieting is one kind of strict diet that makes the culprit eating super low calories for a few weeks. Researchers from Scotland said that this type of diet has long-term health benefits.

Conclusions are drawn from a study conducted by experts at Aberdeen Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. The volunteers were asked to consume less than 800 calories per day.

As a result, they are known to experience significant weight loss, increased blood pressure, people who are overweight, increase fertility, and reduce asthma symptoms.

A research team at the Centre for Obesity Research and Epidemiology university studied 32 studies examining the health benefits of a diet very low in energy. In addition, researchers are also looking for connections on a strict diet with the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Researchers found that a strict diet in such a short time crash diet to reduce weight significantly even for a long time.
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Non-Alcohol Red Wine Lower Blood Pressure

During this red wine has been shown to have several health benefits. For example make the drinker so young. Now one more savor red wine, in particular the non-alcoholic, was found by the researchers. According to them, men at high risk of heart attack will have a lower blood pressure after drinking a non-alcoholic red wine.

As reported by Science Daily the rules of drinking non-alcoholic red wine is mentioned to be done every day for four consecutive weeks. They then reported the results of a study in the journal Circulation Research.

Non-alcoholic red wine itself is increasing the levels of nitric oxide which helps drinkers lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Nitric oxide is a molecule in the body which helps to relax blood vessels and allow blood to flow more smoothly.

Meanwhile, red wine and non-alcoholic alcohol actually has the same amount of polyphenols levels. There polyphenol antioxidants that are also capable of lowering high blood pressure.
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The amount of non-food objects Ingestion Hazards

A woman who complained of nausea, vomiting, and low blood pressure abdominal infection initially diagnosed by a doctor. But after undergoing a blood test, the levels of enzymes in the heart unstable. By ultrasound, even found a hole in his heart equal to 3 cm.

As reported by My Health News Daily (10/09), it turns out the woman is ever accidentally swallowed a toothpick. Worse, instead of going to the digestive system, the toothpick is actually ‘stray’ and hurt. This fact is quite surprising, because apparently there are already many cases of someone swallowed a toothpick and lead to liver problems. Similarly, as reported by the latest research.

“Swallowing foreign objects that are not food is not a new problem. Unfortunately many people often forget after swallowing something,” researchers wrote in the journal BMK Case Reports.

Many cases of swallowing foreign objects that are not food out of the path of the digestive system. Foreign objects such objects usually are pointy and sharp, such as a toothpick, needle, until the fish spines.
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Wine Not Just Lifestyle

Wine is a drink that attached to the culture and lifestyle. And one more advantage that is is good for health. As described by about the benefits of wine.

Drinking wine or wine is a culture that can not be left out of Western society. Not just on a special occasion, to drink wine often do when hanging out with friends and companions. There are several types of wine is white wine, red wine, champagne or sparkling wine. In general, wine is made with grape extract, then add the sugar, water and yeast specific type. Then the solution is fermented to form alcohol compounds.

White wines typically have a milder flavor and aroma, sweet with fruit flavor, while red wine richer in aroma. Champagne or sparkling wine including wine types made with a particular technique, forming bubbles (bubble) in it. Champagne is often served as an aperitif aperitif or dessert accompaniment.
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Often Overtime Increase Heart Attack

Often work more than eight hours a day alias overtime increases the risk of heart disease by 80 percent.

Thus the results of a recent study conducted by researchers from Finland.

In addition to heart disease, the researchers say, working long hours can lead to risk of stroke.

Health warning is raised after they did 12 studies conducted since 1958.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health involving more than 22,000 people around the world found that those who regularly work more than eight hours a day have a 40 percent to 80 percent greater risk of heart disease.

Study leader Dr Marianna Virtanen said, these negative effects may be caused by “too long exposure to stress.” “There are several potential mechanisms that may underlie relationships influence long working hours and heart disease,” he wrote.
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Easy Ways to Deal with Night Snacking Habits

A group of researchers from St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City and the University of California, the United States found that when people feel tired, the brain will see unhealthy foods (junk food) as a “prize” or reward. When tired also the brain’s ability to take the best decision of a situation complicated was reduced, including choosing healthy foods.

This is what happens every night when home from work or after a long day tired, suddenly late at night, there is a feeling so hungry that over and make someone want to snack, especially unhealthy foods.

However, that does not mean humans are endowed the ability to think and plan it could not beat the snack craving unhealthy foods at night. The key is in the planning.

Think ahead

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Heart Disease, Fish Oil Pills Not the Solution

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in oily fish such as sardines and salmon, is known as a way to help cope with heart disease and stroke, it does not help at all, according to a study from Greece.

Based on review and analysis of previous clinical trials, including more than 68 thousand participants, researchers from Greece whose report appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that the fatty acid has no effect on overall mortality, death from heart disease or stroke and heart attacks.

This is true regardless of whether they have to take supplements in the form of pills, or directly from the fish they eat, according to researchers led by Mosef Elisef of the University Hospital of Ionnina.

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